Symphonia POP

Imagine Nuns’ Island in 2020…

Iconic modular architecture—with its signature “pops”—inspired design, breathtaking views of the water, the mountain and the city that will never be obstructed.

Set on a coveted Nuns’ Island site, sun-bathed Symphonia POP’s condominiums, terrace apartments and penthouses are a combination of daring, intelligence and individuality. Blending seamlessly with its environment to maximize views, from the park to the pool, they harmonizes invitingly with the pathway that circles the island, serving up a stunning panorama, on thirty-two storeys.

When Symphonia POP welcomes its first residents, Nuns’ Island will have been transformed. Transformed by its increasingly green environment and eco-friendly golf course, made more welcoming thanks to better road access, particularly with the new Champlain Bridge, and improved public transit, including an REM light-rail station, as well as more lively thanks to neighbourhood restaurants and shops, while remaining a true tranquil place.

Symphonia POP. Unique in Montréal, uniquely on Nuns’ Island.