Symphonia SOL

An inspired vision for the future of Nuns' Island!

The compelling architectural signature of Symphonia POP with its stacked modular blocks. The dreamy Symphonia SOL hidden in a remote corner of the Island, recalling the sunny tropics. And the slender 43-storey Symphonia VIU, reaching for the sky to offer spectacular views of the city and river. Three equally stunning sister structures offering tranquil, waterfront residential living, just minutes from downtown Montreal.

With sweeping, unobstructed views of the river, Mount Royal and downtown Montreal, the three projects occupy a long-coveted area of Nuns’ Island. All bathed in natural light year-round, the condominiums, terrace apartments and penthouses of each Symphonia project combine a mix of unique and daring design, sophistication, imagination and intelligence. Perfectly integrated into their environment, they rise harmoniously above the shoreline, nestled between water and woodland.

Much as Symphonia is transforming Nuns' Island with its sculptural towers, so is the island itself being transformed, becoming greener by the year. From its eco-friendly golf course and improved network of roads making it easier to access the new Champlain Bridge and public transit services, including the upcoming REM rapid-transit station, the borough is resolutely turned toward the future. It’s also becoming more dynamic, with the arrival of new restaurants and local businesses, but it is, and will always remain an exceptional and peaceful place to live.

Symphonia POP, SOL and VIU. Uniquely Nuns' Island.