Carrefour Richelieu celebrates its 35th year

Carrefour Richelieu celebrates its 35th year

By the end of the 1970s, Westcliff group had already established a solid expertise in the construction of shopping centres. 

Fourteen different centres were already in existence: Centre Valleyfield (Qc) in 1973, Centre régional Manicouagan (Baie-Comeau, Qc) and Galeries de Granby (Qc) in 1974, Galeries Terrebonne (Qc) and Carrefour des Bois-Francs (Victoriaville, Qc) in 1975, Carrefour du Nord (Saint-Jérôme, Qc) and Place Centre-Ville (Jonquière, Qc) in 1976, Labrador Mall (NL) and Carrefour du Nord-Ouest (Val d’Or, Qc) in 1978, Lewisporte (NL), Peninsula Mall (NL), Gander Mall (NL) and Grand Bay Mall (NL) in 1979 and finally Carrefour Gaspé (Qc) in 1980.

On June 27, 1975 a citizen’s referendum was held in St. Jean concerning the zoning regulations that would allow the development and construction of the centre.  Participation in the referendum reached a record high of 79.3%, almost 1,300 voters who voted 80% in favor of the new zoning.

The mall’s grand opening was held on August 13, 1980 and one hour before the doors opened, the centre’s 2,500 available parking spaces were filled to capacity.

It was an immediate success which continued in the days following the opening.

During the events of the first day, more than 50,000 tickets were sold for a “Draw”, closing hours had to be extended and the inauguration cocktail hosted by Westcliff brought together more than 1,500 people. 

The area surrounding the centre on Pierre Caisse Street became a very attractive and booming commercial district as more and more businesses opened their doors.  This area has become the commercial hub for the market.

L’Aubainerie, currently located on Pierre Caisse Street, will take over the part of the space formerly occupied by Target.  With this move, they will benefit by more than doubling their former size.  They anticipate a grand opening to their exciting new concept in April 2016.

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