The Promenades Drummondville sector is on a roll!

The Promenades Drummondville sector is on a roll!

Commerce Drummond’s mission is to contribute to the improvement of the retail offering in the Drummondville market. The non-profit organization revealed the results of a survey made in June, 2015 on the commercial sector Promenades/Galeries in Drummondville.

The objective of this study was to know better the profile, the purchasing behavior as well as the perceptions and collections of the people circulating in the commercial sector Promenades/Galeries. 

This includes the 400 commercial premises situated between the Highway 20 and the Boulevard René-Lévesque, which includes Les Promenades Drummondville.

The profile of the respondents is rather heterogeneous because 83 % of them come from Drummondville and its MRC and 10 % work in the area.

The study demonstrates that 81 % of the respondents point to the commercial sector Promenades/Galeries as the main shopping destination in Drummondville. Groceries and other food lead the results with 76 %, then 58 % for clothes and accessories and 29 % for restaurants, cafes and pharmacy.

The respondents regularly frequent the sector. In fact, 69 % of them visit at least once to several times per week whereas 25 % make to it once to several times per month.

93 % of the respondents come to the area to consume goods there. In fact, staples (such as food, pharmacy and restaurants) represent 59 % of purchases.

Approximately two thirds of them spend between $11 and $100 per visit whereas the balance of respondents spends more than $100 per trip. In comparison, in 2012, this number was only 19 %.

The denseness of the commercial pole is the main reason of attendance the Promenades/Galeries sector by the respondents; 85 % of them have a positive perception of the safety and the traffic in the area.

The commercial sector Promenades/Galeries is recognized as the most attractive commercial pole of the sector because of the very diverse offering.

The investments for this sector were more than 36 million dollars in 2014. The forecast is for similar investment in the next two years.

The Westcliff Group, the owner of Les Promenades Drummondville, has commercial lands adjacent to Les Promenades, of about 1,500,000 square-feet to develop.


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